When to call a plumber...

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Definitely time to call a plumber!

This is definitely time to call a plumber!

Call the plumber when it is too costly, to dangerous, dirty, or too inconvenient, to do the job yourself:

There are many plumbing issues, however,  that you can take care of yourself.

Here are a few things you can try before calling a plumber...

If the toilet is overflowing, and an emergency, shut the water off, with the valve, at the back of the toilet.  If there isn't a valve then take the lid off the back of the tank and hold up on the float.  You can hold the float up, while you work, by attaching a ruler to a wire, on one end, and the other end to the float.  Balance the ruler, on the top of the tank, so you can then plunge the toilet.

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There is a correct way to plunge a toilet

The bigger the better when choosing a plunger!

Make a good seal at the throat of the toilet to create suction with the plunger. Then plunge, very vigorously, up and down, with the suction you have created. Some toilet shapes make this job easier than others. Hopefully this will clear the blockage.

If one or more fixtures are backed up, or clogged, then it is not the fixture and the blockage is down in the piping. If this is the case, it is time to call Dave Soltwisch Plumbing because it will need to be professionally rodded or augered.

SWEATING PIPES: Sweating pipes can be fixed by placing pipe insulation around the pipes. Foam pipe insulation will keep the humid air from condensing.

COPPER PIPE THAT LEAKS: A piece of firm, flexible rubber, and a hose clamp, can be placed around an area that this leaking. Put the clamp on the pipe, with the rubber and screw it tightly shut. Call Dave Soltwisch Plumbing, to repair as this will be a temporary fix. If you solder your pipe yourself, to repair the leak, you can plug the pipe with bread, if it is dripping. The bread will be easily dissolved by the water, after the water is turned on.

TOILET BLOCKS AND DRAINS HAVE A BAD ODOR: Odor, in this area, is cased by the vent stack through the roof, being blocked, causing the traps to be suctioned of water every time you flush the toilet. Chances are that is what you hear when a gurgling sound comes from the toilet, and it is definitely the problem. Run a toilet auger through it and unplug it.

SMELLING DRAINS: To keep drains free and with a better odor, place ¾ cup of baking soda, in the drain, and slowly add ¾ cup of white vinegar. This will work well for smaller drains. For larger drains, like a floor drain, double the amount.

BROWN STAINS: Brown stains can look unsightly in a toilet bowl. The best way to remove them is with household bleach. Pour two cups of bleach, into the toilet bowl, and swish it around. Close the lid and allow the bleach water to remain, in the bowl for about one hour. Dave likes Comet Cleaners to scrub the stain away.   CAUTION WITH PETS!!!! DO FLUSH THE TOILET THROUGH SEVERAL TIMES, WITH THE LID DOWN, AFTER USING ANY TYPE OF TOILET CLEANING PRODUCT, WITH CATS OR DOGS LIVING IN THE HOUSEHOLD. HANGING DEODERIZERS OR CLEANERS, THAT ARE PLACED, IN THE BACK OF THE TANK, SHOULD NOT BE USED IF PETS ARE PRESENT IN THE HOUSEHOLD.

DO NOT SLIP OFF THE SEAT: If you want the toilet seat to be shiny, just clean the seat with furniture polish. Just be sure to rub it dry or you will be sitting on the floor.